(37) Barnes-Shope Building

Built: 1893

Address: 141 South Chicago Street

Across Chicago Street from the Shann Building is the Barnes-Shope Building, more commonly known as the Odd Fellows Building. The fraternal organization purchased the building in two portions: one in 1899 and the remainder in 1905. Rock-faced custstone, pressed brick and Terracotta are all utilized for the building's facing materials. Stone pilasters divide the lower floor's two business halves and central doorway. Glass block was placed in the upper lights. Perforated sandstone appears on the keystones, and labels appear on the second floor, round-headed windows. However, the most elaborate portion of the building is its cornice, which utilizes a variety of decorative devices. A course of both headers and stretcher bricks served a the coping, and is followed by a row of rounded rowlock bricks or dentils. The next course has a projecting V-shaped design with modillions following. Billet molding, without spacing, frames compound circular modillions which are an unusual design for Hot Springs. Undoubtedly, this building has the most ornate cornice in the city.