(12) Battle Mountain Sanitarium (Black Hills VA Healthcare)

Built: 1907

Address: 500 North 5th Street

Once you have passed the Minnekahta Block, look to the east and you will see the Veterans Administration Center. It will be worth your time to climb the "Grand Stairway" which leads you to the VA grounds. This will not only allow you to view this magnificent structure, but also overlook portions of downtown and residential areas of Hot Springs. Designated by Thomas Kimble, this 1907 structure was located in the town mainly because of the mild climate and image as a health resort.

Architecturally, the building reflects the Byzantine Revival Style with a central dome, red clay tile roof and elaborate decorative elements. Other features of this style include double bracketed square towers with a balcony in between, a loggia or arcaded front porch and round-headed openings. Six three-storied extensions radiate out from an ambulatory which surrounds an open central courtyard. Each of the sections has wooden porches on each level. There are many other buildings on the grounds of architectural significance worth seeing.