(14) Michael J. Fitzmaurice State Veterans Home

Built: 1889

Address: 23rd and Minnekahta Avenue

Although a good distance to walk, visitors should later see the State Veterans Home which was the first major stone building constructed in Hot Springs. Located at the west end of Minnekahta Avenue, the building does not reflect any particular style of architecture, but rather resembles the Victorian design patters of many late nineteenth century hotels. Symmetrical in design, the building has four round towers with polygonal terminations or caps. Dormers in a variety of sizes, but with flush hip roofs, adorn the roof and are constructed of wood with shingle facing. A denticulated cornice and a two-tiered front porch are other elements of the building.

In 1886, the Grand Army of the Republic began legislating for a facility for Civil War Veterans. As a result of this campaign, the State Soldier's Home, as it was first named, was built. Again the reasons for locating in Hot Springs were the mild climate and numerous warm springs. Besides the main building, there are several other buildings on the grounds of architectural merit.