(30) Public School Building (Pioneer Museum)

Built: 1893

Address: 300 North Chicago (at top of hill)

William Grey, from Lincoln, Nebraska, the architect for the project, designed this local adaption of the Richardsonian Romanesque style building, which became the Fall River County Historical Museum in the 1960's. A.D. McKay, utilizing local craftsmen, constructed one of the finest sandstone structure in the city. Once again a broad roof plane, round arched openings and straight-forward treatment of the stone are characteristics of the style. Heavy stone lintels appear over the windows on three stories of the structure, while round arched windows appear in the wall dormers. Both the west and east facade have projecting rectangular entry ways with a Romanesque arch and turned, cresting devices. Other elements include: checkerboard stone work along cornice, an applique at each gable end in the two major wall dormers, large squat chimneys on roof line, columnar trim along each side of the dormers, and three bands of string-course. The metal chimney-like structure on the north side was used as a fire escape.