(13) Evans Hotel

Built: 1892

Address: 545 North River Street

On January 9, 1979, a fire gutted the Evans Hotel, which was within five months of being completed for elderly housing. The Evans, or Century House, was and is, the most significant building in Hot Springs. It conveyed the essence of the early resident's aspirations for the city and symbolized the community's efforts to revitalize the downtown. For safety reasons, the fifth floor was removed after the fire, but the plans and hopes are to restore the building as close to its original appearance as possible. 

The Evans was purportedly an imitation of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. Crenelated towers and central decorative piece are major features of this H-shaped building. Other elements include: Romanesque fifth floor windows with hood mold, wrought iron balconies, a neo-classic front porch of the Victorian era, and round arched, blind arcade cornice, The annex was constructed shortly after the hotel, and served as the bath house. Once again a crenellated roof line and Romanesque windows highlights this V-shaped building. Charles Smith was the architect for both buildings.