(16) Kidney Springs Gazebo

Built: 1922

Address: North River Street and Minnekahta Avenue

The present Kidney Springs Gazebo is the third such structure in this location; the other two were washed away by floods. An octagon-shaped design, the gazebo has neo-classic elements with the most obvious being the eight Doric columns that rest on concrete bulwarks. However, Frank Lloyd Wright's influence is also evident through the exposed rafters that resemble the elements of Japanese pagodas—an element he utilized at one stage of his career. The structure protects a warm spring-fed water fountain with a metal plaque above describing the mineral content. Mike Tuma, a local sculptor, created "The Gift" resting on the top in 1985. In 2014, the gazebo was restored by the City of Hot Springs with funding assistance from the Business Improvement District (BID).